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Benefitz BWEB CMS

BWEB is our home grown Benefitz Content Management System (CMS). We designed and built BWEB to provide our customers with the best possible website solution – an advanced, feature rich product that gives you all the control. We’ve been developing and refining BWEB for over five years, and our dedicated team of in-house programmers and developers continue to keep BWEB at the forefront of available website solutions.

BWEB is Flexible and Scalable
Whether you want the most basic of websites to advertise your “wares” or whether you need a high function “monster”, BWEB covers the lot. BWEB has a wide range of features that, with the help of our web team can be customised to work around your requirements. BWEB is also highly scalable, our programmers can quickly develop additional tools or components for BWEB websites. BWEB can also utilise the mighty power of Bootstrap and transform your website to be responsive. Meaning your website
will display beautifully not only on desktop computers but also across mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.


Rock Solid Foundations
BWEB is built using mostly open source technology, a “LAMP” framework of PHP, MYSQL all running on a rock solid LINUX platform. We continue to integrate latest standards and trends employing HTML5, CSS3 and AJAX technologies where appropriate. Integration Because we’ve built BWEB ourselves, using the best technologies and standards, we’ve been able to integrate BWEB with dozens of other systems. Our clients use their BWEB websites to talk to other websites and services like real estate databases, car dealership databases, CRMs, Courier barcode systems, the list goes on.


Content Management
BWEB gives you almost full control of your website’s content. This means that you can add and edit content as and when you need to without having to wait for anyone to action it for you. We’ve recently given BWEB a bit of a makeover, but we haven’t thrown out the familiar features, like our popular dashboard which makes all your site’s features just a single click away. We’ve enhanced the management of webpages and content categorisation allowing you to manage a wider range of content in a single place. The BWEB base system comes with a full set of features for most promotional style websites. If you need to sell your products online, the BWEB Online Store component will give you a shopping cart and online payment facility.

Online store
Sell your products using BWEB’s Catalogue. Catalogue, combined with an online payment gateway can take your products global. Our enhanced catalogue makes loading and managing product information ultra easy by allowing for:

  • Dedicated SKU information
  • Colour and size variants
  • Product image management
  • Stock level allocation
  • Regular and discount pricing options and more.

As many pages as you want
With BWEB you can add as many webpages as you want. Each webpage allows you to add custom meta information to assist with Search Engine Optimisation. Pages can also accommodate special features like banner images, galleries and downloadable files. Editing this content is a cinch using a state of the art WYSIWYG editor.

Online forms
Allow visitors to your website to submit, contact or enquire via the BWEB web forms. You can create as many forms as you like and customise these to mine specifi c data about your customers. Find out more about how people found your website, run competitions or ask them what they think of your product range. You can keep a close eye on the submission of forms in BWEB and can even download all form data as a CSV fi le that can be imported into many third party database applications like Microsoft Excel.

Searching on both ends
All this content means you’ll need a way to fi nd it easily. BWEB has a search function in the management area of the CMS as well as “on the front” of the website. You will be able to easily fi nd content when editing it and your customers will be able to easily fi nd what they’re looking for on your website.

Members area
The member management area allows restricted access to website content. Give members exclusive access to certain webpages and information or require visitors to sign up to become members in order to access products or other sensitive information.

Blog, News, RSS, and Event Calendar
Manage news feeds via webpages or RSS and blog to your hearts content with the blog component. Our new calendar feature is an intelligent calendar that has a wide range of options for displaying recent news and/or upcoming events.

Slideshows and Galleries
Our fully integrated gallery and slideshow features allow for a slick image display proven to work on any device. Show off your products and services on a homepage slideshow or detail them in a comprehensive gallery of images.

Email Marketing, anyone?
Newsletter lets you communicate with your tribe and connect with potential customers. Upload your database or collect a database on your site. If your database is smaller than 1000 subscribers, you can send unlimited “newsletters”, personalised and free. Got more than 1000 subscribers? Call us to talk about our high volume, high function e-marketing solutions, available as part of Newsletter or as a stand alone product.

Search Engine Friendly
We’ve gone to great lengths to keep the great Google happy and we’ve given you the controls when it comes to setting vital keyword and meta information. When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation, “content is king” so remember to talk to your BENEFITZ Account Manager or Web Guru about our in-house copywriting service. We’ll help you tailor your copy to make the best marketing and SEO impact.

Number Crunching your thing?
All BWEB websites come set up with Google Analytics and are also submitted to Google for faster indexing. Google Analytics will help you to fi nd out all the juicy marketing information required to help you make your website a success. Get reports on how many people visit your website per day, where in the world they accessed your website or even fi nd out what device they used to view your website plus much, much more.

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A History of Benefitz

Benefitz was founded in 1988 by Aidan Bennett. He remains Managing Director and the driving force behind the business today. Aidan did an advertising cadetship at the New... read more