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Benefitz Directors

Benefitz was founded in 1988 by Aidan Bennett. He remains Managing Director and the driving force behind the business today.

Aidan did an advertising cadetship at the New Zealand Herald in the early 80’s, which included a four year Advertising qualification through Auckland Technical Institute (now AUT University). After completing the cadetship and spending five years at the Herald, Aidan left to travel, and then returned to New Zealand to take up a role in sports publishing with Rugby Press Limited. He moved from publishing to a role in Advertising with Graphics Corporate Limited, a company that was eventually acquired by Australian advertising group, Mattingly. Aidan left that business in 1988, deciding it was time to “have his own gig”... Benefitz started trading in August 1988 as a one-man advertising business, operating from the premises of the Rugby Press Group - continuing the association Aidan had with that business. Since day one, Aidan has been supported by his wife of over 30 years, Michelle. She now heads up the finance and administration team at Benefitz, which is now a real family business. In 1990, Aidan was joined in the business by his brother Dallas, who also remains as a Director and a key player in the business more than two decades on. Dallas trained in engineering and as one of his lifetime passions was sailing he went on to complete an apprenticeship in sail making. Dallas progressed into the sales side of the sail making business before leaving to travel the world, sailing professionally with leading New Zealand helmsman Chris Dickson. As a key mainsheet trimmer, Dallas was on Dickson’s crew that won the World Match Racing title, the Admirals Cup and many other titles around the world during the mid to late 80’s. When he tired of the travelling lifestyle, Dallas decided to return home permanently to New Zealand and went to work at Benefitz. For the first 7-8 years of business Benefitz was based with the Rugby Press Group, sharing resources and assisting with the production of many of their titles that Aidan had previously worked on when employed by that group.
These titles included the weekly Rugby News and many other books and publications. During this time, Benefitz invested in the first Apple MacIntosh computer graphics technology. This was introduced to the business on the back of Dallas’ technical skills. Over this period Benefitz came into contact with two people who would go on to play big roles in the business. Robert Johnson was involved with Benefitz early on, sharing resources while establishing his own print brokering business, Printwize. Robert trained as a printer, before moving into sales and really finding his niche. This was initially in the music industry, before he moved into print sales and decided it was something he could establish a business around. Robert operated Printwize from the Benefitz premises for many years before it was merged with Benefitz, at which time Robert became a director and shareholder of Benefitz. Mike Nolan was employed by the distribution arm of the Rugby Press Group as a teenager in the early 90’s, where he first came into contact with Benefitz. He eventually moved across to work for Benefitz. He went on to learn the business inside-out, working in design and production and then moving into account management and sales, which he proved to be a natural at. Mike became a shareholder and director of the business in the late 90’s, and 15 years on he is a key ingredient in the business’ success. He has now been with Benefitz for the best part of two decades and is often referred to as the “third Bennett brother”. Benefitz started out as an advertising and design business. Initially all the manufacturing/printing aspects of day-to-day production were brokered out to other printers. This changed in the mid 90’s when the decision was made to move into manufacturing. Following this move, Benefitz has continued to grow, becoming the most diverse and well-resourced business in the communications industry.
Initially the company got into offset printing by acquisition. An enduring relationship was then established with FujiXerox to move into the small format digital printing space. Then large format printing was added. Some years later grand format printing (billboards etc.) was added through acquisition. Along the way flatbed printing technology has been introduced and a sign division was also established in the mid 2000’s. Benefitz was also an early an early convert to the online business, establishing a web-development aspect to the business a decade ago. Over the 25 years it has continuously invested heavily in technology right across the business, most recently as a pioneer of volume inkjet printing in New Zealand. A key focus of the business has been in developing a strong brand that is involved in the community. Benefitz is a respected member of the community, gets involved with many not-for-profit organisations and events, and proudly publishes community and business magazines in its home patch - the North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand. 28 years on the company employs over 80 people across it’s departments - 5 in management and administration; 15 in account management/sales; 15 in design and pre-press; 5 in web development; 30+ in digital printing, offset printing and print finishing; and 10 in signage. We can assure that you won’t find another Benefitz anywhere. This business has been built gradually over a long period and is very special. We have been leaders, not followers and have developed the business by constantly looking outside the square and doing things differently. We have great people, a great culture, and a range of solutions - many of them unique - that you simply won’t find from a single provider anywhere else. We love our story.

A History of Benefitz

Benefitz was founded in 1988 by Aidan Bennett. He remains Managing Director and the driving force behind the business today. Aidan did an advertising cadetship at the New... read more